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In our previous article we focused on some broader items that require attention in order to produce a document of standing when responding to an EOI.

This article will build on some of the items that you can start producing yourselves on a regular basis, in order to prepare for when you wish to produce a bid document.

Personnel CV’s

Some EOI’s request resume’s of key personnel appointed to run the project. As a minimum, EOI documents should request relevant experience of the project team in order for evaluation panels to understand the skill set of the project team and its ability to deliver the project.

Key points to ensure you cover when writing about your staff are:

  • Qualifications
  • Length of time in the industry
  • Project experience
  • Where they live or will be living for the duration of the project
  • Specialist skills
  • Industry recognition / awards
  • Are they familiar with local conditions and familiar with the local pool of subcontractors. Different regions of Australia have different contractor behaviours.
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Learnings from past projects
  • When will they become available for the project
  • What % of involvement in the project will they have. Eg a Construction Manager may only be involved with the project 10% of his time (1 day a fortnight). Does this involvement give adequate attention to the project in terms of management requirements, technical expertise that the client would expect for a project of this nature.

It is important to select personnel that have had direct experience with the type of project you are bidding for. This provides clients a level of comfort that the team are familiar with the methodology and build process, materials and type of construction.

It is also a very important point to identify where the project team, or individuals, have worked together previously. Again, the client will like to recognise that the team is ‘tight’ and functional rather than potentially have personality conflicts.

Project CV’s

Detail the projects your company have successfully completed.

List the :

Client. Who did you build for.

  • Type. eg Industrial, commercial, retail, residential, high rise
  • Size. eg 5000m2, 4 storey office complex, 30 specialty shops, 20 unit 3 storey walk up,
  • Peculiarities with the project. eg what was different and more advanced about this project than normal.
  • Location
  • Duration. Start and End date. Was it completed on time, if not why not.
  •  Project dollar value. Original budget and end value.
  • Value and number of variations and reasons for variations
  • Provide some project picture
  • What problems did you encounter and how did you overcome these challenges.
  • What learnings did you take away from the project.

The above 2 areas can be communicated via a spread sheet in the bid document with the headers being each of the dot points listed above. It doesn’t really matter how the information is communicated or in what layout, the issue is ease of reading, understanding and clarity to avoid any ambiguities and to get your message across successfully.

A MAJOR focus of a bid is to ensure correct ‘alignment’. If you want to know more about alignment and how Project and Personnel CV’s need to align, then give me a call and I will be more than happy to explain.

There is enough information here to have someone working almost full time to consolidate all this information. So the best thing to do is to GET STARTED now, so you’re not scrambling for thiscommon information when you need it most.

If you require any assistance with bid development or bid structure, please drop me a line or contact me on the below details.

Happy writing