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We are construction people who

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Seamless integration with your current Safety Management System.
We are Experts in FSC Accreditation criteria. We’ve been through accreditation ourselves.
We can work with your team, or handle the full accreditation for you.
We have over 35 years construction experience
We are experienced construction professionals. We know what your company will need to do to achieve accreditation.
“Safety In Industry came recommended and we engaged them to improve our already certified systems (Safety, Quality, Environment) and to design, develop and implement an FSC compliant Safety Management System. Safety In Industry trained our staff in the use of the new systems, implemented the new system into the company and prepared our site for the FSC audit…. we were blown away with the FSC accreditation audit result”. Darren Kesby

Director, Queensland Bridge and Civil (QBC)

FSC Specialists  |  Construction Professionals  |  Proven Success

Are tendering opportunities becoming scarcer in the public domain?


Are you missing out on those bigger contracts?


Do you want to have a commercial advantage over your competitors?


Do you want to improve your  public image?


Need to improve your safety due to an Enforceable Undertaking?

Then Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) Accreditation may be the edge you are looking for.

Accreditation to the Federal Government ‘s Federal Safety Scheme is a requirement for construction companies entering into head contracts for construction projects. The requirements under the ‘Scheme’ are very rigorous and require a high level of commitment and safety understanding.

FSC Accreditation is the industry’s ultimate acknowledgement and recognition of best practice construction safety.

The FSC website  provides all the required information to become accredited.


Most safety consultants have little knowledge of the strict requirements.. but we do !


One common constraint identified by companies seeking FSC accreditation is the lack of industry specific expertise available to assist organisations implement FSC compliant systems. Safety In Industry are CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS with over 30 years construction industry experience and have consistent success with FSC implementations.

We can walk the talk .. because we are from the construction industry.


Selection of the right systems partner is critical when seeking FSC accreditation.

Developing and implementing AS4801 is one thing, FSC accreditation is a whole new world of safety learning’s and behaviours. Selecting the most suitable and effective assistance is a matter of proven industry experience and know-how. Safety In Industry would be delighted to discuss your FSC requirements whether they be :

  • system review or gap analysis
  • full design, development and implementation to accreditation
  • preparing a site for an FSC audit
  • company re-certification or
  • coaching you through the process

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to make the FSC journey a seamless one.


We would be delighted to assist you with any query you might have with your FSC journey.

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After several unsuccessful attempts at FSC accreditation ourselves, we engaged the services of Safety In Industry and passed the very next audit. With an accelerated timeframe Safety In Industry well and truly delivered. I highly recommend Safety In Industry to any organisation looking to proceed with 3rd party certification and FSC accreditation. Tony Carmichael

Director, Carmichael Builders

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