Safety Alert Notification

Worker tragically dies from crush between scissor lift handrail and building.

15/02/2016 – Construction workers have walked off the new Royal Adelaide Hospital site after the death of a colleague in a scissor lift accident on Saturday.

CFMEU officials met with workers at the site this morning, and workers speaking to the ABC said they were told to go home for the day.

A male worker, 63, died at the site after being crushed between a scissor lift’s handrail and a doorway.

It is understood the machine was being operated by another worker.

In 2014, another male worker, 54, died after suffering serious head, neck and back injuries at the work site when he was crushed between a scissor lift and a concrete slab above.

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We so often take for granted the use of these time saving and productive pieces of equipment and fail to be vigilant in their use. There are multiple things that could go wrong and the danger is doubled as it is working at heights.

REMEMBER to always:

  • A PRE-COMMENCEMENT CHECK before the plant commences on site.
  • Have the operator undertake a PRE-START SAFETY CHECK.
  • Make sure all operators are COMPETENT in the equipment’s use.
  • Develop a SWMS for Working at Heights and with Mobile Plant.

If you are unaware of the processes to manage the Hazards around Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) then email or call us and we can help you out.

NOTE: The information provided in this bulletin is for guidance purposes only. Please familiarise yourself with your legal responsibilities in your state or territory.