Worksafe Qld Are Targeting The Construction Industry Right Now !   Are You At Risk ?

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Government Fact Sheets & Codes of Practice:

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That’s GREAT you are wanting to learn more about protecting your employees and your business.

I’m Craig from Safety In Industry and I’ve been in the construction industry for nearly 4 Decades.

I wanted to let you know that Safety Authorities have commenced a campaign targeted at construction activities that are generate Crystalline Silica Dust.

Silica dust can be generated by a lot of site activities like drilling, sawing, jack -hammering or scabbling concrete. The dust can also be created when using cement powder for mixing brickies mortar, render or concrete for post holes for example.

A number of my clients have contacted me to let me know that they have already had inspectors on site. Larger projects are being inspected at the moment and the focus will progressively be on smaller projects as time goes on.

Given our mission is to help contractors and builders become compliant in all aspects of their business, we have researched the current campaign and have put together this eReport (show report on camera) to help you stay compliant with your obligations as a business owner.

I have put together a package of documents that explains:

– The current WH&S campaign

– Information on construction dust

– A fact sheet on Silica Dust and its effects on the body

– Information on the controls to implement re reduce exposure

– What Fit Testing is

– SDS’s on cement bagged products AND

– How you can implement this information into your current safety documents

I know what you’re probably thinking and I agree, ITS A LOT OF STUFF TO READ !!

So, to make life easier, I have also provided a one page SUMMARY of the

12 ACTION STEPS you need to take to manage SILICA DUST in your activities.

I detail the facts around what the Australian Standards say about PPE and respiratory equipment, like disposable masks, and the type required to control the dust.

Did you know that users need to be trained in the use of the PPE. How to select, correctly put it on and off, use it and also the maintenance of it ?

Did you also know that Respiratory Protective Equipment requires a Fit Test ?

I explain all this and give you some guidance on what the tests are and who you can contact to get them done for your employees.

I also provide you with a Training Record Form and this is all explained in the documents because you will be needing one of these to show that your workers have received the training in the use of the PPE provided.

So fill out your email address and details and download the FREE report to learn how to be compliant straight away.

Check out my website at or click the hyperlink if you want to know more about us and what we do.

And remember, as a standard service we offer a free review of your safety documentation, just send them over and we’ll provide a free analysis of your documents relevance and effectiveness.

If you have any questions about the Silica dust report please feel to email me at

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for watching.